What went down in the garden: April

A photo of a pig statue, painted hot pink.
Garden supervisor.

A lot has been happening in the garden this month, and I don’t just mean the addition of my new friend above. (She is still nameless – suggestions?) It always amazes me that, no matter how slowly I feel like the garden is moving, when I compare photos from last month and this month, so much has changed.
A few blossoms on my pea plants.
The peas are finally starting to bloom, which means that the first snap peas should be coming along soon. I’m trying to decide when to start the cucumbers at the base of these trellises — I know they’ll grow fast, and I don’t want to cut pea season short.
A big green strawberry sits on the dirt.
Last year’s strawberry plants are starting to fruit, and there are several handfuls of little green berries. Every day I check for the first signs of blush. I’ve been debating the merits of covering this raised strawberry bed in bird netting so I can actually eat some of the berries – I think I’ll probably go for it, as long as I remember to buy netting.
A shot of a pepper plant from above. A freshly planted tomato plant in a blue metal cage.I finally broke down and bought a few tomato and pepper plants to get started. I haven’t totally given up on mine, but they’re still so tiny, and I was starting to worry that nothing would ever ripen. If mine get big enough, I still think I can find some room to tuck them in later in the season.
A wide shot of the garden on April 26, 2016. It's still mostly dirt, but a little more green than last month.
The main garden bed is finally boasting a tiny bit of green, and more should come soon. Our heat/rain cycle lately means that I need to spend some time playing catch-up on weeding, but my plants are starting to perform, too. I’ve been harvesting radishes, lettuce, spinach and baby kale for salads (see my monthly totals, below). Bean seeds are going to go in the ground tomorrow or Thursday, once the major storms in our forecast blow by. Those wooden stakes lying in the garden path in the photo above are waiting to secure a pole bean tower.

Even as I wish for the crazy growth of summer, I’m trying to appreciate the little joys of spring. The irises have just stopped blooming, the spirea is putting on its lovely show, and my pink peonies and roses should start bursting open any day. The weather is heavenly (when it’s not raining), and we even set up our new hammock for some relaxing evenings in the yard.

A blooming spirea bush covered in white blossoms.
The spirea is putting on its annual show.

April’s Harvest Totals (so far):
Radishes – 1 lb., 15 oz. (57 radishes and greens)
Spinach – 2.4 oz.
Lettuce Mix – 9.6 oz.
Delaway Kale – 2.2 oz.
Oregano – 0.1 oz.

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