Sometimes you need a good rain

A hand holding a bunch of dirt-covered radishes.
A handful of radishes just pulled from the ground.

We got a good rain here yesterday. For most of the day, it fell steadily, and in the afternoon it flat-out poured.

Stuck inside all day, I missed my garden, so when the skies cleared in the early evening, I hurried out to see how everything was doing.

A transformation had taken place.

An overhead shot of a healthy kale plant with drops of rain.

Peas reach onto a trellis, finally higher than the garlic.

In the dry days before, the garden had been looking a little sad. And if I’m being honest, I’d been frustrated. The plants grew so slowly. They looked scrawny, and a little-off color. And every critter and insect was eating its fill, so soon in the season!

But after that good rain, the garden looked a little different. The greens were lush, and healthy-looking, even as they bowed under the weight of the water droplets. The peas seemed to have grown six inches during the day. Each plant looked beautiful, standing out in contrast against the dark, damp soil.

A close-up of a radish just starting to push itself out of the ground.A strawberry blossom against the dark wet wood of the raised bed.
I’m not sure if the garden changed in the rain, or if it just looked better in the sparkly aftermath. Maybe a little of both. I’ve been struggling lately, too, feeling worn out, unproductive, stuck. But for a moment, in the sweet, cool garden, even I felt refreshed, more ready for a season to come.

Sometimes you just need a good rain.
A bowl of lettuce covered in raindrops.

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