Simple pole bean towers

I’m planting pole beans for the first time this year, in the hope that going vertical will give me maximum production in a minimum of space. (Don’t worry – I’m planting something like six varieties of bush beans, too.) As a result, I was in need of something for those pole beans to climb. As much as I love the beautiful bean trellises I see at the garden center, they weren’t in the garden budget. Instead, I came up with a simple DIY option that I’m hoping will work just as well.


A few months ago, I purchased a roll of 3-foot-wide galvanized steel fencing from Lowe’s for less than $30. I used part of it for my pea trellises, but I figured the rest could work for growing beans and squash, too.

To create a bean tower, I cut a six-foot length of the fencing, and then bent it lengthwise into a cylinder. I secured the sides together with zip ties (cut off the extra ends so they don’t look quite so junky) and stood the tower in the garden. I pounded three wooden stakes around it, and again secured it with zip ties. Easy, cheap, and hopefully effective. No serious storms have come through since I installed my new towers, so I’ll let you know how they hold up.


I planted the pole beans at the base of my new towers today. Bush beans will go in later this week, I think. Now I just need to figure out how to keep the rabbits away from the bean seedlings once they emerge!